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Ace Aquatec to highlight latest innovations at Seafood Expo

Ace Aquatec
March 7, 2022

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Award-winning aquaculture technology specialists, Ace Aquatec, will be highlighting its ethical solutions for fish farmers as well as showcasing the unique benefits of in-water electrical stunning at North America’s largest seafood exposition next month.

Continuing to grow its North America presence, Ace Aquatec will share its latest developments in humane fish stunners with AR models and demonstrations taking place at the three-day event. Academically proven in EEG tests to stun fish till fully unconscious in less than one second, the award-winning electric stunner has been designed to meet the highest welfare standards expected by consumers, retailers and regulators and has gone through rigorous trials.

Representing Ace Aquatec at the event will be Sam Bowman, North America Sales Manager, who has previously held senior management positions at two of the world’s largest salmon aquaculture producers, Mowi and Cermaq. Leading the North America division, Bowman has a clear aim to establish new relationships and expand on the business’s growing presence in the region.

Sam Bowman, Ace Aquatec, North America Sales Manager, said: “Seafood Expo is a great opportunity for Ace Aquatec to showcase its stunning technology at an in-person event. The humane treatment of farm animals, including fish, has become an important topic for consumers and retailers in North America, and Ace Aquatec’s technology is leading the way to more responsible fish farming.”

Nathan Pyne-Carter, Chief Executive of Ace Aquatec, added: “It is fantastic to be making an eagerly anticipated return to physical events like Seafood Expo. We are looking forward to showcasing the huge inroads we have made in recent years in research and development and give an insight into what Ace Aquatec can offer the market.”

Seafood Expo North America will take place between March 13th to 15th 2022 in Boston, USA.


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