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November 5, 2021

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Ace Aquatec was delighted to be back in Trondheim in August for the biggest show in the aquaculture sector’s calendar.

A total of 16,652 visitors made it to Aqua Nor in person over the course of the week (August 24-27), with many of them heading to the Ace Aquatec stand.

Before the exhibition had started in earnest, I was anxious to see how many people would actually show up,’ said Northern Europe Regional Manager Preben Imset Matre, who ran the Ace Aquatec booth with new Norway Sales Manager Unn Eilen Vik. ‘But on the first morning it became clear that the number of visitors would hold strong and be virtually indistinguishable from that of past Aqua Nors,’ he added. ‘In fact, we had such a busy time we were barely able to escape to get lunch!

‘We had made a good effort to schedule meetings ahead of the exhibition, but during a typical Aqua Nor about 50 per cent of your leads come from pre-planned encounters and 50 per cent through serendipity and visitors walking past your booth.’

Attracting people to the Ace Aquatec stand was not a problem thanks to eye-catching branding and a 3D printed model of a smolt stunner. Matre and Vik were also able to show potential customers how the stunner works, with AR (augmented reality) displays on an iPad.

‘This was our first show doing this and it added some interest, instilling a sense of the size of the smolt stunner, which the miniature model doesn’t do,’ said Matre.

The Ace Aquatec team were impressed with the high footfall from international visitors, and spoke to people from Denmark, Iceland, the Netherlands, Sweden and Finland, as well as the UK.

We now have a big book filled with leads and new contacts pending follow-ups,’ said Matre, who stressed the importance of seeing people again.

‘It’s great to have a conventional show. This is how we traditionally do business in aquaculture, meeting face-to-face.’ 

The value provided by Aqua Nor is greater than the number of leads,  Matre believes, because it offers a company like Ace Aquatec, still new in the Norwegian market, an opportunity to increase its profile.

‘We’re not a household name in Norwegian aquaculture, as we are in Scotland, and we are working on communicating to potential customers how far our stunning technology has advanced.

‘Norwegian fish farmers use percussive stunning and dry electric stunning, which takes fish out of the water and on to a conveyor belt, where electricity stuns them.

‘But in terms of the humane in-water electric stunning pioneered by Ace Aquatec, there is nothing else like this on the market today, which is why I see it making a huge impact in Norway.’


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