From farm to fork – how can fish slaughter become more humane?

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June 16, 2020

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Last year, we won the Global Aquaculture Alliance Innovation Award at the GAA’s GOAL conference for the animal welfare benefits of our in-water electric stunner: the Humane Stunner Universal. At this conference, our Head of Sales and Marketing, Mike Forbes, presented how our in-water electric stunner works.

Seafood as we know it, goes through a journey before it can be served on a plate. During a fish’s journey, there’s opportunity for stress through multiple stages of fish production; predators, storms, infections, and feed are all factors that could increase the stress levels in fish. The final stage – the slaughtering process –  can undoubtedly be a stressful process for fish, but it doesn’t need to be.

The Humane Stunner Universal consists of a water-filled pipe, lined with electrodes, which render the fish unconscious without removing them from water. This innovation reduces fish stress, improves flesh quality and can double the volume of fish processed per hour. By stunning fish while they are still in water, the Humane Stunner Universal renders the fish unconscious, allowing them to remain unaware, and unstressed until death.

Mike’s presentation won 51% of the GOAL audience votes, to which 500 industry leaders were invited to attend. Other finalists were Arbiom, who received 36% of the votes, and Pegasus Science, who received 13% of the votes.

Want to know more about electric stunning and how this innovation improves fish welfare? Watch Mike’s presentation from the GOAL conference below!

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