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November 5, 2021

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Norway is a key market for any aquaculture business, given that it represents 50 per cent of global salmon production and is not only a driver of innovation but very open to sophisticated new technologies from around the world.

Ace Aquatec had already secured a foothold in the country when we won the coveted Aqua Nor Innovation Award in 2017 for our in-water fish stunner, the Humane Stunner Universal. But since setting up an office in Bergen last year we have managed to further enhance our reputation for ethical aquaculture solutions, and are now busy developing our customer base in the Norwegian sector.

We have recently completed a trial with leading smolt farmer Sævareid Fiskeanlegg, introducing our electric smolt stunning technology to help them take fish that would normally go to waste and turn it into valuable protein for the pet food chain.

There is a focus in Norway at the moment on the welfare and efficiency of percussive technology in fish farming, and this creates an opportunity for Ace Aquatec. We know that our stunners are more humane, and superior on quality, than any of the alternatives, from dry electric stunners to percussive systems, and we hope to make inroads in the market now that our local team is embedded in the region.

Led by Preben Imset Matre, regional manager for Northern Europe, and with Sales Manager Unn Eilen Vik on board too, we can build up the momentum that was in evidence at Aqua Nor in August. We also plan to develop the technical side of the team and expect to expand the office to four relatively soon. Preben has been touring the wider area in the past month, meeting customers and exploring potential markets in Finland and the Åland Islands, as well as in Norway. 

And there is also a big fishing industry in the region, of course, where there is vast scope to improve slaughter methods. Ace Aquatec has recently been named as one of the finalists in Ocean Impact PitchFest 2021, an Australian award for innovative companies trying to bring sustainability to our oceans. We would like to leverage this platform to draw attention to what is going on in the wild fish sector and extend our humane stunning systems across all fisheries, pioneering better fish welfare on fishing boats as well as in our core aquaculture community.

By Nathan Pyne-Carter


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