Shared vision for 2021

Ace Aquatec
April 5, 2021

Reimagining sustainable aquaculture

We help customers thrive by making their operations efficient, ethical and sustainable.

Our solutions

Innovating to address challenges in the marine environment has been at the heart of Ace Aquatec for more than 20 years. As a small family firm, we saw from the beginning the potential improvements that technological advances could bring to fish farming. And so began our programme of research and development. By identifying problems early and partnering with scientific experts to help find solutions, we have had the time to perfect products that are now in great demand.

We created low frequency acoustic deterrent devices a decade ago, looking for a more ethical approach following global research that suggested ADDs put animals off their migratory routes. And we pioneered humane slaughter at fish farms long before the current debate about percussive stunning. Ace Aquatec’s in-water electrical stunner is the result of long-term investment, since 2001, in responsible farming practices.

We have worked with some exceptional people, both in the technical realisation of our dreams and in trialling the prototypes, with Scotland’s aquaculture companies playing a crucial role in our breakthrough inventions.

Today, we have more than 50 R&D projects in development around the world, we have opened new international offices in Norway, Chile, Australia and Canada, and our team of five has expanded to 23 in the past year.

Our mission for 2021 is for further growth, made possible by our two new investors, Aqua-Spark and 4J Studios. Together, they will enable us to scale up our ambitions and expand our workforce, our territorial reach and our R&D and operational capabilities. With Aqua-Spark’s focus on leveraging technology to make aquaculture more sustainable, we have a shared vision of driving change through innovation. And 4J Studios’ expertise in harnessing artificial intelligence and automation to improve the user experience aligns with Ace Aquatec’s commitment to improving efficiencies and delivering technical excellence across farming systems.

On the horizon, we are fine tuning a unique method for sea lice removal, commercialising our 3D biomass camera, and developing seal head detection for triggering ADDs. Future initiatives include hybrid energy products and intelligent lighting systems.

Given the backing to think big, 2021 presents exciting possibilities for Ace Aquatec and we are looking forward to working collaboratively with existing and new partners and clients at home and around the world.

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