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Rob Hackney, Sites Manager of Scottish trout farmer Kames

Ace experience with service and results

Rob Hackney, Sites Manager of Scottish trout farmer Kames, discusses Ace Aquatec’s RT1 ADD...

Image of North America

Ace makes inroads into diverse North American market

Ace Aquatec has recently expanded its team in North America to tap into the fast growing and...

Image of stunned fish

Fresh success for stunning technology

A Swiss owned, German based urban fish farm has won recognition from both Global GAP and the ASC...

image of biomass camera

Biomass counting breakthrough coming to market soon

A system that can accurately measure the biomass inside a pen has long been seen as the holy...


Stunning trial transforms smolts into premium pet food

Ace Aquatec has helped convert a waste by-product into a valuable new food source with its...

Humane harvesting shifts focus to the fish

There is growing evidence and acceptance that fish are sentient, can detect pain, and are...

photo of Nathan

Shared vision for 2021

Innovating to address challenges in the marine environment has been at the heart of Ace Aquatec...

Regional round-up

Ace Aquatec now has sales teams around the world, with new offices established last year in...

seal in water

Quiet success for pioneering acoustic deterrents

One of the biggest challenges for fish farmers is protecting their stock from predators while...


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